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Welcome to Dougie’s Guide to fine dining and dive bars for touring professionals.

Those of you who have toured with me in the last 30+ years and allowed me to be your “day off crew chief” know the affinity that I have for fine food and dive bars. I started this page as a forum for you and I to share our favorite libation spots across the globe.

This page is exclusive to touring personnel who have been vetted by myself and the members of the Dougie’s Guide guild. To be granted access to the site, please click the register link and provide a brief bio including your rock credentials and what you do in the industry.

Dougie’s Guide is not exclusive to dive bars and fancy food. Feel free to add any place you want to share. However, if anyone posts anything as asinine as “The Applebee’s by the mall is a great place to hang out” I will delete that shit faster than Justin Bieber can fall off a stage!

I’m not saying that you can’t post anything about a franchise, but the theme of this page about supporting local businesses that support us.

Thank you for visiting Dougie’s Guide. You are experiencing the beginning of the roadies’ go-to guide for good food, good times and local awareness.

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